Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seed Bomb-aranza!

Howdy-ho! 'Tis time to announce the D.C. Guerilla Gardeners' very first butcertainlynotthelast SEED BOMB-ARANZA!

When: Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where: National Mall, near the Smithsonian Metro stop on the Blue/Orange lines

Time: 11am to 12:30pm

What is a Seed Bomb-aranza? Seed Bomb-aranza (see-duh bahm-bah-rahn-zah) n. An event in which the DCGG and friends make seed bombs on the National Mall: I want to make D.C. a greener place, so let's have a Seed Bomb-aranza and seed bomb some empty lots!

What is a seed bomb? Think of a Dunkin' Donuts donut hole, but instead of being made of cakey goodness, it's made of clay and dirt. And instead of having dough inside, it has flower seeds. And instead of getting powdered sugar on your hands when you hold it, you get mud. And instead of digesting it, you throw it in an empty lot. Fun, right?!

What happens after the Bomb-aranza? We send you, our loveable gardening minions, off into the concrete jungle to seed bomb the naked areas of our fair District. A tossin' good time for one and all!

I love the idea, now tell me more! We're mixing it up and will be bombin' it picnic-style! Meaning al fresco and on blankets. And also with food and drinks! But it's strictly BYOF and BYOBSLATBAABYCHAOTNM - which translates to Bring Your Own Beverages So Long As Those Beverages Aren't Alcoholic Because You Can't Have Alcohol On The National Mall - because I once brought Oreos to a guerilla gardening event and no one ate them. Scarred me for life, the non-Oreo eating. For reals. So if you want to make seed bombs and eat, then bring yourself some food. (But no one will complain if you bring me some Oreos. I'm just sayin'.)

What to bring: Besides Oreos? Something to sit on, some food and beverages if you want to snack and sip, the willingness to get your hands dirty, and most importantly, some seeds! Bring a packet (or two... or fifty) of seeds to add to the muddy mix. Native flowers are great! If you want to win major points on my "I Love You More Than Oreos" scale, you can bring some clay. Email me if you're up for clayin' it.

So there you have it, you sneaky gardeners, you. The Seed Bomb-aranza. Be there, or (a vacant lot will) be bare.


  1. Aha, I totally have seeds. I don't know if a lot of them are viable... But maybe that pound of wildflower seeds would be perfect for this?

    I'm hoping to be able to show up toward the end of the event (I have volunteering nearby that morning!).

  2. Got LOTS of seeds from our annual Seed Exchange to bring and share for the bomb-o-rama. Any special requests?