Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring is Happening... Apparently

Let's get out there and guerilla!

It's spring. 
I mean, it's summer. 
I mean, I have no idea what season it is out there.

But this Saturday, April 13, we'll be celebrating the sun, guerilla-style. Let's put some pretty in the city by weeding, sowing, and transplanting on a little spot of abandoned land.

Where: The corner of 14th and D Streets NE
When: Saturday, April 13, 9:00AM-11:00AM
What to bring: Gardening gloves; a few vegetable seedlings or flower starts; water for drinking; and friends.

Leave a comment if you have any questions. 
Hope to see you there!  

Written by Jenelle Eli

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumnal Kick-Off

 What do you get when you mix seeds + dirt  + costumes + guerillas?  This Saturday's event, that's what!

We'll be preparing to beautify DC (on the sneak!) by making months' worth of seed bombs this Saturday, October 27 at Ft. Bayard Park.  We’ll bring the seeds and tools, you bring a container for transporting bombs back to your home.  Together, we'll create tons of bombs; many of which'll be set aside for future DCGG activities (hint: a bicycle and bomb-tossing ride may be in your future...).

Sport a costume or bring a pumpkin to carve or just come as you are!  Halloween spirit not necessary, but it will be in the air.  This is a family-friendly event, so bring the kiddies, too! 
Here are the deets, peeps: 

Saturday, Oct. 27
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Ft. Bayard Park (corner of Western Ave. and River Road)
Approximately 3 blocks from the Friendship Heights metro stop; buses 29, N3, N4, N6; parking on 47th & Fessenden; bike-able; walkable; horse-carriage accessible.

You'll spot us at the picnic tables, preparing to make DC a more verdant place.  Can't wait to see you there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seed Bombing the DC State Fair

Getting Our (and others') Hands Dirty

Our newest guerilla gardener shows 'em
how it's done. Bring on the mud.
Truth is that DC residents like wildflowers.  And mud.  And throwing things.  In short, they like seed bombs.  A lot.  Especially the kids.

Well shucks, who are we to deny DC residents of seed bombs on their very special day?  So a few of us early bird guerillas made our way to the DC State Fair last Saturday to fulfill their every fantasy.  And they returned the favor.

Together, we made well over 300 seed bombs - balls of mud, clay, and seeds that act as a tool for re-vegetation in hard-to-reach places.  They can be launched into any area with a little soil, be it a piece of land that is normally inaccessible or just an untended tree box outside your front door.   The results of these most recent seed bombs will be popping up all over the District next spring.

Our table at the Fair was hella busy and hella messy (but, if I do say so myself, hella organized!).  Kids were going crazy over gettin' dirty and parents were jumping right in to encourage them.  Let's just say that many a muddy high-five were had by all.

Lots of interest in guerilla gardening out there - so let's keep the momentum going.  We'll be introducing a guerilla-y project soon.  Even better if you want to introduce a project of your own.  Until then, remember to throw your seed bombs or take a stab at making them at home.

Handy Dandy Seed Bomb Recipe:

5 parts red clay dirt (seriously, if you can't find it and need some, contact us!)   
1 part leaf compost   
1 part native seeds (don't be planting invasives!)   
H20 (just enough for it all to come together)
Alright, guerillas old and new, get out there and beautify the District.  And for goodness' sake, take a tip from my poor, bare nails: avoid a manicure pre- bomb-making, k?

Jenelle Eli

Monday, September 17, 2012

This Saturday - Let's Guerilla Garden the DC State Fair

Attention: Gardeners. Foragers.  Farmers.  Planters.  Weeders.  Flower Pickers.  Guerillas one and all.

The legendary DC State Fair has snuck up on us and will be taking place in all its glory this weekend, Saturday, Sept. 22.  The DC Guerilla Gardeners (DCGG) have been off the local ag scene far too long and we're taking this opportunity to get our hands dirty and start throwing things.  And by things, I mean SEED BOMBS.

DCGG will be hosting a SEED BOMB table at the DC State Fair - we were super popular (read: messy) at the 2011 fair, so this year is sure to be a hoot.  DCGG has been dormant for a bit, so seize this opportunity to get involved as we enter a new era of DCGG activity.  Below is a list of ways you can help out for this upcoming event:

1. VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM.  Sign up anywhere from 1 hour to all day.  No experience necessary!

2. DESIGN:  We need simple flyers and we need a sign for the table.  Pitch in by writing, designing, or printing.

3. DONATE:  The table fee and supplies are coming out of a few people's pockets.  If you'd like to pitch in some mula or supplies (clay, soil, seeds, tiny boxes for the seed bombs), we'd be eternally grateful.  And I'll bring you homemade jam as thanks.

4. STOP BY:  Even if you can't help out, stop on by our table and introduce yourself.

The DC State Fair really “digs” DCGG, so they’re psyched to have us as a last-minute addition and we’re psyched right back.  Get in touch at dc.guerillas@gmail.com to help out, guerillas.  Looking forward to many more planting events in the next few months!

Jenelle Eli

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doing: Intensely Learning About Urban Agriculture

Interested in learning about urban agriculture? Intensely? Then check out Prince George's Community College and ECO City Farm's intensive weekend certificate course in urban agriculture!

What: A New Intensive Weekend Course in Urban Agriculture
When: May 18-20, 2012 - Register soon! Spaces are limited.
Times: May 18-19 from 9:30-6:00 and May 20 from 12:00-6:00
Where: Taught at ECO City Farms, Edmonston, MD
Price: $525

This 22 hour, very intensive weekend hands-on course - taught by the farmer/educators of ECO City Farms - will provide you with the sustainable strategies you require to envision, plan, design, and/or support an intensive food production system, tailored to your needs, space, goals, and resources. It includes five (5) core modules: Elements of a Farm; Composting 101; Hoophouse Design and Construction; Introduction to Urban Livestock; Harvesting, Processing and Marketing.

To register, go to www.pgcc.edu/owllink and select Workforce Development and Continuing Eduation Students. You can also register in person on the main campus at Bladen Hall, Room 126 or at the University Town Center campus. A maximum of 20 people can be accommodated per weekend, so register early to assure your place.

For more information, contact  ECO City Farms.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doing: Seed Swappin'!

SUBTITLE: Also DOING? Kick Startin' the Season! Woo!

Hey there, guerillas! Remember me? Your illustrious-but-somewhat-discombobulated guerilla gardening maven? Tis' been awhile, my friends, tis' been a while *shaking head sadly* But lo! SPRING has landed on our fair city, which means that the daffodils and tulips have risen Nosferatu-like from the ground, and I along with them. It's time to stretch our pale, pale limbs and get back to the gettin' back. Behold! We are back in business, yo.

To start off the 2012 season, I hereby present to you an event near and dear to my heart, and not only because it's hosted by he-who-I-not-so-secretly love, but because it lets me pawn off my bonus seeds on unsuspecting gardeners. Ha HA! Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on the D.C. State Fair Seedling Swap! Get your tookuses and extraneous seeds over to the 14th and U Farmers Market on Saturday, May 5th, starting at 9am. Once there, chat with the other gardening folk, buy some farmers markety goods, and say hello to he-who-I-not-so-secretly-love, aka: The USDA's Most Wanted, aka: Guerilla #3.

In other news, let it be known that I and Guerilla #2 were not idle over the winter months. Sure sure, there was lots 'o sittin' around and playing Skyrim, but there was also THIS:

People, those right there are CROCHETED PLANTERS, oh yes indeedie. Remember October's Purl and Plant? Well, the crocheting magic didn't end after our day at Qualia, oh no it did not. The crocheting occurred throughout the winter months until my wee Baltimore apartment was full of misshapen pocket-like creations, just waiting to be planted in. P.S. That obscene one on the right? Wasn't meant to be obscene, but like all good things, it turned out obscene in the end. We welcome the obscenity and plan to grow a carrot in that mammajamma.

And BAM! Just like that we're back in in the game of greening the District, one yucky spot at a time, using one obscenely crocheted pocket-thing at a time. Get your spades and running shoes ready, mah friends, because the season has officially opened. Stay tuned for the first event of 2012, and plan to be at the Seed Swap on May 5th.

Later, gators!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Recapping: Purl and Plant

Well, the DCGG's first-ever Purl and Plant wasn't a whopping success - only three people participated - but it was a success nonetheless! For we learned and accomplished several things.

The first thing we learned is that Qualia Coffee is a popular place, yo. We were hard-pressed to find a spot to park our three butts. For this reason I was slightly relieved that we had only three people to seat.

The second thing we learned is that both I and HWINSSL - who will forevermore be called Guerilla #3 for sanity's sake, but just keep in mind that no matter what he's called, that I still not-so-secretly love him - are total klutzes. We both knocked the wee table and spilled our coffee on multiple occasions. You'll see several coffee-stained napkins in the picture above. You'll also see my strange white eyelashes, the source of all my evil power and adorableness.

The third thing we learned is that we are crocheting PRODIGIES! In the space of two hours, Guerilla #3 completed a pocket (shown front and center in the photo), Guerilla #2 made insane headway on a second pocket despite his previous lack of crocheting experience (note his amazing yarn-y concentration), and I busted out of a good chunk of something that is entirely too large to be categorized as a pocket at all. Maybe more like a dog blanket. Or a kitty scarf. Regardless, we crocheted and things were made.

We will continue to hold Purl and Plants throughout the season, so don't worry if you couldn't make this first one. There will be another in November! And then December! And then FOREVER AND EVER, FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. Bwahahaha! *<--that's my evil villainous crocheting laugh, brought to you by my strange white eyelashes*