Friday, July 23, 2010

CANCELED: Seed Bomb-aranza

Oh my intrepid gardeners, it is with great regret (but also a little relief) that I announce first-ever cancellation of our first butcertainlynotthelast Seed Bomb-aranza.

If you haven't heard, tomorrow is going to be hella hot here in the District, and the last time the DCGG had an event on a hella hot day, only three people showed up. (Two of those people being me and Le Boyfriend, and the third being the person that suggested the event in the first place.)

Also, at that hella hot event in which only three people showed up, 1/3 of the volunteers nearly died from heat stroke. (That would be me.)

In addition to the hot-hot-hotness, there are several large, well-known gardening events happening at the exact same time as ours which will likely steal - steal? yes, steal - our DCGG members. And then also I'm sort of having a family emergency so I'm not sure what tomorrow is going to be like.

So? So. We are canceling the Seed Bomb-aranza.

But do not be sad, my little ones. I will for certain make it up to you by presenting you with a super fun option: The First Butcertainlynotthelast Seed Bomb Do-It-Yourself Bomb-aroo Kit! Woo!

If you're wretchedly bummed about not being able to make seed bombs with yours truly, let me know and I will send you your very own DIY seed bomb kit. Just add water! Email me your name and address and I'll send you a kit posthaste.

Sorry 'bout the cancelation, kiddies. But chin up! We'll soon be coming into the Fall and that means "Coat D.C. in Crocus" and "Douse D.C. in Daffodils." Oh yes! Fall plantings for Spring takeovers.

Stay cool, my gardening gang.

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