About Getting Involved

Interested in becoming a D.C. Guerilla Gardener? There are four ways to get involved:
  1. BY SUBSCRIBING - Subscribe to this blog to learn about upcoming events. Then show up at the reported location and time, ready to go guerilla and get dirty.
  2. BY CONTACTING - Contact D.C. Guerilla Gardeners to be put on the DCGG mailing list. Mailer recipients have the opportunity to get more involved with the logistical part of greening the District. Under the direction of the Head Guerilla, these gardeners can try their green thumbs at soliciting local organizations for donations, contacting city authorities for permits and permissions (when applicable), organizing events, marketing and promotions, and more.
  3. BY ACCIDENT - See us out and about? Stop and say hello and join in on the dig!
  4. BY YOURSELF - Not keen on joining the group? Or perhaps you're too excited to wait until the next event. Have no fear! There are plenty of opportunities to go guerilla all by yourself. Check back frequently for great greening ideas you can use on your own, today!