Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seed Bombing the DC State Fair

Getting Our (and others') Hands Dirty

Our newest guerilla gardener shows 'em
how it's done. Bring on the mud.
Truth is that DC residents like wildflowers.  And mud.  And throwing things.  In short, they like seed bombs.  A lot.  Especially the kids.

Well shucks, who are we to deny DC residents of seed bombs on their very special day?  So a few of us early bird guerillas made our way to the DC State Fair last Saturday to fulfill their every fantasy.  And they returned the favor.

Together, we made well over 300 seed bombs - balls of mud, clay, and seeds that act as a tool for re-vegetation in hard-to-reach places.  They can be launched into any area with a little soil, be it a piece of land that is normally inaccessible or just an untended tree box outside your front door.   The results of these most recent seed bombs will be popping up all over the District next spring.

Our table at the Fair was hella busy and hella messy (but, if I do say so myself, hella organized!).  Kids were going crazy over gettin' dirty and parents were jumping right in to encourage them.  Let's just say that many a muddy high-five were had by all.

Lots of interest in guerilla gardening out there - so let's keep the momentum going.  We'll be introducing a guerilla-y project soon.  Even better if you want to introduce a project of your own.  Until then, remember to throw your seed bombs or take a stab at making them at home.

Handy Dandy Seed Bomb Recipe:

5 parts red clay dirt (seriously, if you can't find it and need some, contact us!)   
1 part leaf compost   
1 part native seeds (don't be planting invasives!)   
H20 (just enough for it all to come together)
Alright, guerillas old and new, get out there and beautify the District.  And for goodness' sake, take a tip from my poor, bare nails: avoid a manicure pre- bomb-making, k?

Jenelle Eli

Monday, September 17, 2012

This Saturday - Let's Guerilla Garden the DC State Fair

Attention: Gardeners. Foragers.  Farmers.  Planters.  Weeders.  Flower Pickers.  Guerillas one and all.

The legendary DC State Fair has snuck up on us and will be taking place in all its glory this weekend, Saturday, Sept. 22.  The DC Guerilla Gardeners (DCGG) have been off the local ag scene far too long and we're taking this opportunity to get our hands dirty and start throwing things.  And by things, I mean SEED BOMBS.

DCGG will be hosting a SEED BOMB table at the DC State Fair - we were super popular (read: messy) at the 2011 fair, so this year is sure to be a hoot.  DCGG has been dormant for a bit, so seize this opportunity to get involved as we enter a new era of DCGG activity.  Below is a list of ways you can help out for this upcoming event:

1. VOLUNTEER: We need volunteers from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM.  Sign up anywhere from 1 hour to all day.  No experience necessary!

2. DESIGN:  We need simple flyers and we need a sign for the table.  Pitch in by writing, designing, or printing.

3. DONATE:  The table fee and supplies are coming out of a few people's pockets.  If you'd like to pitch in some mula or supplies (clay, soil, seeds, tiny boxes for the seed bombs), we'd be eternally grateful.  And I'll bring you homemade jam as thanks.

4. STOP BY:  Even if you can't help out, stop on by our table and introduce yourself.

The DC State Fair really “digs” DCGG, so they’re psyched to have us as a last-minute addition and we’re psyched right back.  Get in touch at dc.guerillas@gmail.com to help out, guerillas.  Looking forward to many more planting events in the next few months!

Jenelle Eli