Monday, August 2, 2010

Old McDonald Had a Farm... In D.C.!

Happy Monday, my lovelies!

To start the week off with a kickin' bang, I'm sharing with you what I learned about urban agriculture in the District. This is what I learned: YOU CAN TOTALLY HAVE A FARM ON YOUR PROPERTY. With a tractor and everything. You can even spray the hell out of your plants with pesticides and all other manner of toxic junk. (So long as you follow the directions and adhere to the precautions on the label.)

ut you can't have chickens.

Or goats.

Or cows.

Especially no cows. Because they're smelly.*

In short, no farm animals of any kind allowed.

But you can grow corn in your front yard! And spray it with pesticide and fertilizer! And you can hoe it down with a John Deere! And that's A-OKAY with the D.C. government. E-I-E-I-O!

With that, I hereby give you permission to start your week. Go get 'em, kiddos!

*That's my rule, not D.C.'s. No offense to the cows, but hel-lo! Stinky!

Ornamental Cow photo taken at Papa John's Nursery (Schillinger's Farm) in Severn, MD.

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