Friday, October 7, 2011

Doing: Purl and Plant

Avast, me hearties, yo ho!*

*Tis' Friday, the joy of which warrants some pirate-speak. Arr!

Have you recently looked at your calendar and noticed a large gaping hole on October 16th? Has that gaping hole made you question your appeal as a social being? Do you need some plans to remind you that you are indeed lovable and that people want to be around you? Well, then do I have an idea for you!

Join your fellow miscreant lubbers (Pirate-to-English translation: land lovers) at Qualia Coffee as we knit plant pockets!**

**Knitting know-how not necessary. You can crochet. Or sew. Or sit there and drink coffee and tell us dirty limericks. Whatevs.

"What's a 'plant pocket'?" you ask. "What if I don't know any dirty limericks?" you wonder.

To answer your first question: A plant pocket is a square of yarn closed on three ends, creating a pocket. It has a handle-y like attachment thing, too. Into the pocket we will put dirt and plants. The handle-y attachment thing will be handle-y attached to things. Come Spring 2012, the pockets will be hung in ugly areas all around the District. Woot!

To address your concern about not knowing any dirty limericks, I'll share one with you:

"There once was a girl named Theresa,
Who every man wanted a piece'a.
But she wasn't for sale to some lusty ol' male.
You can't buy her, but money will lease'er!"

There, don't you feel better? Now you know at least one dirty limerick. Go forth and share the limericky love, peeps. And make plans to join us at Purl and Plant. Savvy?

What:Purl and Plant
Where: Qualia Coffee at 3917 Georgia Avenue NW
When: Sunday, October 16th at 2:00pm
What else? You don't need to know how to knit or crochet, we can help you! Nor do you need to like gardening. If you're a knitter who wants to knit but doesn't want to plant, that's okay! All are welcome.
What to bring: If you have them, bring some yarn, your knitting or crochet needles, and whatever limericks you know. Also some doubloons so you can get yourself some grog. If you don't have supplies, we'll have extras to share.

Be there, you watery bilge rats!***

***Said in love. Said. In. Love.

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