Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest Post: The Wealth of Benefits Stemming from Self Sufficiency

Guest Post: by Ryan Halston

Growing with the popularity of more eco-friendly lifestyles, many have decided to begin on the path to a simpler and more self sustained style of living. For those looking to take part in a more simple and sustained lifestyle, starting a home garden and growing crops is an easy way to make life more efficient and sustainable.

One of the most noticeable reasons people start with produce is the freshness of home grown food. Home growth effectively eliminates food miles and carbon footprinting, and thus reducing a serious toll on the environment. By growing your own crops at home, you can eliminate crop decay from travel times as well as environmental decay from fossil fuel emission. The choice to home grow food can assure that the freshest food possible is available at all times.

Home growth can also have a multitude of health associated benefits. When you are planting your own crops, you assure control over all aspects of plant life; from seed to crop. This ensures the removal of health risks caused by toxin and pesticide contamination that are extremely common in purchased foods. In the past there have been multiple of examples of issues stemming from Bisphenol A, complications relating to asbestos exposure, melamine, and pesticides. Taking the time to develop your own crops cuts out any of the unknown factors that may afflict food purchased from common sources.

What might be the most prevalent reason people choose to grow food from home is because of the long-term positive financial implications. The purchase of a pack of seeds is most often significantly less in cost than having to buy individual fruits and vegetables, and a pack of seeds can produce multiple fruits or vegetables at a time, and over time, making for true savings.

Gradually attempting to grow produce is generally a better idea than attempting to plunge in head-first. Caring for a few small plants and trees at first can help with adjustment period between the old and the new life. Small berry plants and fruit trees are great options because they are incredibly easy to care for and have a long production lifespan and continue to grow throughout the years.

A major benefit of the ongoing development and popularity of self-sufficiency is the growing amount of resources to help with living the lifestyle, and growing your own produce. There is a strong developing community full of others from all walks of life and experiences completely willing to help. Even in the beginning stages, the benefits of self sufficiency cannot be denied.

Ryan Halston, a graduate of the University of Central Florida, is an aspiring writer and advocate of self-sustenance and green living. Contact Ryan at[AT]gmail[DOT]co​m.

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