Monday, May 23, 2011

Checking In On The Past: Vermont and T

Hidey-ho, guerillas! So... it's been like... A MILLION YEARS since we last spoke. You're probably thinking, "Dang, that girl Theresa, what a loser." And if you are thinking that, you'd be A) correct, and B) kind of mean. C'mon! What did I ever do to you?! Golly.

Anyhoo, it occurred to me that Life took me out of the game for a while and that it's now time to get back into it. Put me in, coach! I'm ready to play! And to get dirty. So chime in with some project ideas, people, so that we can get our hands into D.C.'s dirt. I live in Baltimore now and need your input on the District's "need some green" spots.

In other news, I'd like to share some SUPER AWESOME SMILEY news! Our project site at Vermont and T is ALIVE! And CLEAN! And GROWING! As evidenced by these photos taken by he-who-I-not-so-secretly-love's friend:

This site is near and dear to my heart, as it is the first project the DCGG ever did. On a brisk morning in 2010, I sat on those concrete steps with trays of plants, some bags of compost, and a nervous heart because I was about to meet strangers. STRANGERS. People I DIDN'T KNOW were going to show up and help me plant this cut-out.

Fear, guerillas. I feared you! You could have been crazies! Stalkers! Weirdo's! And delightfully, you were (are) all of those things. The other thing you are is AMAZING. And I'm so happy that this group has gotten us together to do amazing (and crazy) things for our beloved city.

A couple of weeks ago I was going to write about Vermont and T, but my news then wasn't so encouraging. The photos taken by Guerilla #2 (aka: my love-muffin, Doug) showed a less-than-successful guerilla gardening story. The box was weedy, the plants were crumbly, and the site was a general mess. That it is different now means one of two things. Either: 1) the garden cleaned itself up; or 2) a citizen - A CITIZEN - took the site under its wing and nursed it back to health.

I believe we're looking at #2 here.

And if it is #2, then WOOOOOOOOOO! That is EXACTLY what we want! For people to see our work and be inspired to keep it going and to then go out and do it on their own. Every empty space is a blank canvas waiting to be greened, oh yes indeedie.

To the wonderful person caring for Vermont and T, our hats are off to you, good person! Thank you sincerely. And also send me an email so that we can chat about your wonderful gardening work. Drop me an email and I'll send you something to add to your wonderful garden.

Go out and green, y'all. And send me some ideas for our next project. For reals! I don't know what's happening in D.C. now that I live in Charm City and he-who-I-not-so-secretly-love (HWINSSL) moved to Saudi Arabia. (We miss you, HWINSSL. Don't forget about that pygmy camel I want.)


  1. I think it is really cool what you guys do and would love to get involved. We keep a community garden in Ledroit Park, but the whole idea of Guerrilla gardening seems like a lot of fun.

  2. Hey All Cats! We'd love to have you join the DCGG! Send me an email (see Profile box in upper right) and I'll get you set up on the manual mailing list. (The manual list is the one I use to send personal emails or emails to small groups.) Also, go to and sign up for the DCGG Google Group. This is where we can propose project ideas, share success stories, etc. with the entire group.

    Also, I'd love to talk to you about the community garden at Ledroit Park!