Saturday, June 19, 2010

un(UN)Doing It - T and Vermont Lives!

Yesterday I posted that THE MAN killed our handiwork at Vermont and T, but lo! It lives! At least in part. Some plants are gone, this is true, but others live on. Looks like the Parks Service did some housekeeping by turning the mulch over the plants that were struggling. So I take back my imaginary kicking of THE MAN.


  1. That makes me happy--I really wanted to see how the swoosh of grass and pretty perennials would turn out on the corner, but I guess I'll just be happy with anything surviving!! I'll have to stop by when I'm in the area again this week...

  2. Katie - ME TOO! I did a little jig of delight when I saw that some of our plants were still there.

    Kenneth - We planted grass in front pit, right? There are three or four beautiful clumps of grass growing there and I think we planted them, but my memory's sort of wonky.

  3. Oh good I'm glad it wasn't destroyed!