Friday, June 4, 2010

Doing It - Meridian Hill Park, 05/30/2010

Hello there, guerillas! Lots has been happenin' in Guerilla Central, thus the silence here at the ol' DCGG website. But do not fear! For we are gearin' up for yet another group project and this one? This one's coming fast! Anyone up for some guerilla gardening on Sunday, June 13? That's little more than a week away! If you're in, let me know and we'll choose a location.

In other news, I got my gardening butt to Meridian Hill Park last weekend and took over one of the many empty urns scattered around the grounds. The particular urn I set my eyes on wasn't so much on the GROUND as it was UP ON A WALL AND REALLY HIGH, OMG. But don't you worry your pretty little heads, my guerillas. My balance is awful but I managed to stay on that wall for the entire 10 minutes it took to transform the urn.

Supplies - Licorice Vine (Helichrysum petiolatum), African Marigold "Sweet Cream" (Tagetes erecta), and some grassy thing that didn't have a name on it and looks like every picture of grass I can find on the Internet.



Gandolf the Parrot

She's neither gorilla nor guerilla, but a great help if you need the wrapper taken off of your straw.I am not normally a fan of marigolds, but I have to admit that the ones used in the urn make me happy. And as an added bonus, those guys will self-seed so there should be marigolds in Meridian Hill for perpetuity!

Oh and P.S. Don't be fooled by the grass growing in the urn behind the one I planted. It looks semi-decent but that grass wasn't put there by anyone but Mother Nature. Oh, Mother Nature, the original guerilla gardener.

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