Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing (It Together) - Vermont and T

Sunday dawned chilly and overcast but the Fall-like weather could not dampen the Springy-y enthusiasm of the D.C. Guerilla Gardeners. Like the stealthy stealths that we are, we appeared one by one from our corners of the world to turn a small spot of sad brown into a verdant one of green.

And pink! And yellow! And purple!

For the first event of a brand-new group made up of people who have never before met (except to see eachother on a bus [L and K]), I have to tell you that it was BEYOND AWESOME. And don't think that just because I started this blog I am in any way biased about the AWESOMENESS that is the D.C. Guerilla Gardeners. But if you won't take my (unbiased) word for it, then perhaps the presence of the WJLA-7 news crew at our planting should testify to our awesomeness. (Some consider the news - aka: The News [in caps] - a more reliable source than me, a mere mortal and gardening novice.)

nd if the news - aka: The News (again, caps) - doesn't persuade you that the DCGG is awesome, then perhaps the curriculum vitae of our members would. Let it be known that these people are gardeners. Like FOR REAL gardeners. Gardeners who know about soil acidity and full sun and what-have-you. Gardeners who know how deep to dig a hole and how much mulch to put down. Gardeners who take master gardening classes and grow tomatoes in their studio apartments. Gardeners who write master's theses on nonviolent political protest in the form of gardening. Gardeners who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH A SPADE AND A HOE. (Unlike me who plants enthusiastically but uninformedly and can't tell you what a hoe is for.) To say that I like these people would be an understatement.


And you should, too. Especially you, residents who live around the intersection of Vermont Avenue and T Street, because these people, these lovable, knowledgeable, hoe-wielding gardening people totally turned your sad intersection into a thing of gorgeousness with native plants: coreopsis, black-eyed susans, and evening primrose.

And the best part? It will only get better with time.

So enjoy, D.C. The Guerilla Gardeners have got your back and we'll be popping up at an abandoned lot near you sooner than you know.

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