Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doing: Seed Swappin'!

SUBTITLE: Also DOING? Kick Startin' the Season! Woo!

Hey there, guerillas! Remember me? Your illustrious-but-somewhat-discombobulated guerilla gardening maven? Tis' been awhile, my friends, tis' been a while *shaking head sadly* But lo! SPRING has landed on our fair city, which means that the daffodils and tulips have risen Nosferatu-like from the ground, and I along with them. It's time to stretch our pale, pale limbs and get back to the gettin' back. Behold! We are back in business, yo.

To start off the 2012 season, I hereby present to you an event near and dear to my heart, and not only because it's hosted by he-who-I-not-so-secretly love, but because it lets me pawn off my bonus seeds on unsuspecting gardeners. Ha HA! Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on the D.C. State Fair Seedling Swap! Get your tookuses and extraneous seeds over to the 14th and U Farmers Market on Saturday, May 5th, starting at 9am. Once there, chat with the other gardening folk, buy some farmers markety goods, and say hello to he-who-I-not-so-secretly-love, aka: The USDA's Most Wanted, aka: Guerilla #3.

In other news, let it be known that I and Guerilla #2 were not idle over the winter months. Sure sure, there was lots 'o sittin' around and playing Skyrim, but there was also THIS:

People, those right there are CROCHETED PLANTERS, oh yes indeedie. Remember October's Purl and Plant? Well, the crocheting magic didn't end after our day at Qualia, oh no it did not. The crocheting occurred throughout the winter months until my wee Baltimore apartment was full of misshapen pocket-like creations, just waiting to be planted in. P.S. That obscene one on the right? Wasn't meant to be obscene, but like all good things, it turned out obscene in the end. We welcome the obscenity and plan to grow a carrot in that mammajamma.

And BAM! Just like that we're back in in the game of greening the District, one yucky spot at a time, using one obscenely crocheted pocket-thing at a time. Get your spades and running shoes ready, mah friends, because the season has officially opened. Stay tuned for the first event of 2012, and plan to be at the Seed Swap on May 5th.

Later, gators!


  1. We'll gladly accept seeds, too, certainly! But if you have the time, stick some of those seeds in trays and germinate them to share at the Seedling Swap! I have a few dozen I'm going to bring along--hopefully we'll get a few flats donated from garden centers and farmers around the area, too!