Friday, April 15, 2011

NOT Doing: Biking and Bombing!

People! And again I say, "PEOPLE!" Tomorrow's Greenhorns event - the event in which supercool people on bikes tour D.C.'s gardens and then drink cocktails and watch the Greenhorns film - has been CANCELED! (Except that the cocktails and movie part isn't canceled. Read on!)

Yup. Canceled. How sad is that?! Not only was the DCGG going to be at the Neighborhood Farm Initiative teaching the peoples how to make seed bombs, but I was going to unveil the spanky new blue camouflaged tablecloth I bought! (It's oilcloth, y'all. Easy to clean! It's retro kitsch at its best, and I love me some retro kitsch.)

Oh, and also? There were going to be chalkboard pennants. CHALKBOARD PENNANTS! Made especially for the DCGG and our chalkboardiness. All flaggy and pointy and blue and chalkboardy.


So anyone who was planning to bike with the Greenhorns and/or visit the workshops and tours along the way, DON'T! Unless you want to be TORRENTIALLY DOWNPOURED ON. And maybe lighteninged.

But if you were going to meet the cyclists in Georgetown (cupcakes!) and then mix and mingle at the Greenhorns' film screening, THAT'S STILL ON! 6pm at the Letelier Theater. Go forth and enjoy!

So again, but condensed: Greenhorns Bike Ride and associated workshops and garden tours = C A N C E L E D. But 6pm movie and cocktails = NOT canceled.

Peace out! And if you're going to be gallivanting in the rain tomorrow, avoid tall trees and kites with metal keys attached to them. LIGHTENING!

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