Friday, January 7, 2011

Fame, Fortune, and Felonious Acts

Guerilla gardening is all about The Sneak, but we at the DCGG seem to be attracting a lot of attention. Do we mind? Oh hells no! We love the love, people, and hope that our not-so-clandestine doin's inspire others to take matters into their own hands and beautify their neighborhoods.

Our mission at 932 Florida Avenue was our first night event, as well as our first time working under the watchful eye of the vivacious Mana Rabiee, journalist for Voice of America. Mana, a District resident herself, was doing a piece on guerilla gardening and so joined us for our nighttime planting. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing Mana again... she has the spirit of a guerilla gardener.

Watch (or read!) us in action, my gardening friends. And when you do, I give you permission to fall in love with my boyfriend's parrot, Gandalf. She's a super star! Also, try not to notice that around 2:30 in the video you can totally see down my shirt. (And that it ain't pretty, yo.)

Most favorite quote ever: KEN - "Oh, this is totally beauty. It's also vandalism."

Ken, I not-so-secretly love you.

Many thanks to the valiant guerillas who transformed 932 Florida Avenue into something awesome: Abbie, Doug, and Ken.

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